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1 $ = 31.83 B

Weather Information about Koh Phangan

Our weather information is based on the data we can get from Koh Samui area, because currently there is no internet connected weather station on Koh Phangan. (if you know one on Phangan, please write us), therefore it's not always that accurate. But considered that Koh Samui our neighbor island is only about 12 km away, the local weather is not so different. Our data will be updated every 3 hour.

current weather situation in Koh Phangan / Koh Samui area:

Temperature: °


During the high season, from December to February, temperatures on Koh Phangan can reach up to 30C (86F). Brief tropical rainshowers occur mostly in December. This is the best season for European people as the weather is comparatively cooler than the rest of the year.

From March to June it can become very hot -- up to 40C (114F), with little or no rain.

The months of July to September are hot with occasional rain. These are also popular months for visitors.

October and November see more rain than other months, though it generally doesn't rain every day. In contrast to other regions of Thailand, Phangan does not really have a well-defined rainy season but sometimes there are sunless periods for two or three days, especially during the monsoon month of November.

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