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Euro / Baht:
1 € = 41.71 B

US $ / Baht:
1 $ = 31.83 B

Detached 1 bedroom House with fan, TV, wardrobe, fully equipped kitchen, gas cooker, sink, refrigerator and more, bathroom and toilet are western style, veranda with table and chairs. Located at Hinkong beach front beautiful sunset view.

9500 Baht
electric and water no inc.


This wooden house is located in Woktum, 1 bedroom with a fan, bathroom and toilet are western style, fully equipped kitchen, pretty garden with a lawn. Nice sunset view from the house, quiet location with a  nice cool breeze at most times.

9000 Baht
per month , electric inc.


1 bed room with double bed, fan,
wradrobe, bath room and toilet are western style with hot water shower.  over sea view with balcony in front. 5 minute by walk to Haad yao beach, private house and most quiet.

9000 Baht


1 sleeping room with ventilator. sleeping room is very big and comfortable. the toilet and bathroom are western style. 1 living room with Japanese table for relaxing. 1 kitchen with refrigerator,thermoflask and fully equipped kitchen .and Balcony. this house more quiet and nice air breeze all the times

8500 Baht
per month, inc. electric


House with balcony, very big sleeping room, living room and a kitchen.
Bathroom and toilet are build in western style. From behind the house you have a great mountain view. A nice and quiet place.

8500 Baht
per month, inc. electric


1 sleeping room with fan,2 bed sheets.1 kitchen with refrigerator,gasscokker and more. The toilet and bathroom are western style. A big veranda in behind with rocking chair for relaxing. and also balcony in front of the house. this house is very nice and very quit private. also with big garden and nice grassy

8500 Baht
per month, inc. electric


sleeping room with ventilator.bath room and toilet are thai style.kitchen with gas cooker, refrigerator. veranda. garden. This house not far from the beach, sea view over from your house.

8500 Baht
per month, inc. electric


1 bed room house with fully furnished, electric fan, wardrobe, kitchen with refrigerator, gas cooker and more... bath room and toilet are western style, balcony in front. this house set back from the mountain quiet and private.

8500 Baht
per month, electric incl.


Sehr ruhiges Haus mit optimaler Lage in den Bergen von Chaloklum. Das Haus hat eine Wohnfl?e von 55mē und ist voll eingerichtet. Parkm?chkeiten vorhanden.

8500 Baht
Per month, electric incl.


1 sleeping room with ventilator, 2 bed sheets,2pillows,and wardrobe.1 kitchen with gasscooker and refrigerator and more. the toilet and bathroom are western style .and balcony . nice garden. the house standing more inside far from street .but not to far for go to the sea .the house more quite and private

8000 Baht
per month, inc. electric


sleeping room. kitchen. bath room, toilet.balcony. directly at the beach. A steady brezes from the sea with a nice view. Very quite place.

8000 Baht
per month


sleeping room. living room. fully equipped kitchen, rice cooker,gas cooker,refrigartor
and more.
bath room,toilet. balcony. big garden mountain area in the back side when raining season nice location freshly with small water fall.

8000 Baht
per month, inc. electric


sleeping room with two beds, TV, fully equipped kitchen, bath room and toilet are western style, veranda , garden, Big lake in front of the house  good for swim. and enjoy your life on Srithanu beach, quiet beach  and nice sunset.

8000 Baht
Per month, no electric.


This is a wooden hose  with 1 sleeping room, ventilator,wardrobe, bathroom and toilet are western style, fully equipped kitchen, refrigertor, gas cooker, sink, thermos flask, and more, veranda , garden, nice location near Pang water fall, steady breezed from fresh air stay closed with the nature with many birds singing, the tree surrounding with mountain view.

8000 Baht
per month, electric bill inc.


1 bed room with fan, fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, gas cooker, and more, bath room and toilet are western style, balcony. private house sea view at Chaloklum  bay fresh cool air steady breezed from the sea, quiet place.

8000 Baht
per month, electric bill inc.


One bed room wodden house, set back from the beach located in a private area, surrounded by a coconut garden. Fully functional kitchen. Western style bath room. The house has  a veranda attached to the front. About 3 minutes to walk to the beach.

8000 Baht
Per month, electric, water no inc.


1 bed room house with electric fan, wardrobe, dressing table, TV, fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, gas cooker, rice cooker, electric pot,1 bath room and toilet, balcony in front for relaxing, green garden surrounding.

8000 Baht


1 bed room house,fully equipped kitchen with gas cooker, refrigerator, bathroom and toilet are western style,huge veranda in front, this is an wooden house looking very nice, airy, comfortable with an huge garden.

7500 Baht
per month, electric not incl.


1  sleeping room with 2 bed sheets,1 living room, 1 kitchen with fully equipped kitchen ,thermo flask, rice cooker,gasscooker,refrigerator,oven,1 toilet,bathroom,balcony. this house very nice and good air windy all the times behind the house near the jungle big garden more quite

7500 Baht
per month, inc. electric


sleepingroom with ventilator.  fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, gascooker, water heater and more. bath room and toilet are western. veranda with 1 set table and chairs. This is an wood house . the garden surrounding, very quite.

7500 Baht
per month, inc. electric



JavaTetris on PhanganIsland.com

written by Simon Beisl in 2000, it was once a game on the website of my former employer www.Tomondo.com (offline now). It was one of my first games I wrote in java.

How to play:
- Enter your name in the upper field of the game area
- Press any key to start a game. If it doesn't work click on the game area once and try again
- Use your arrow keys to move the falling tiles
- Use space key to turn falling tile

More I don't have to tell since there is hardly any person on this planet who doesn't know about Tetris...

Note: In case you don't see the game area on the right side, you are perhaps using Windows XP, bad luck for you ... please complain at M$ for the bad support of web standards and download a java runtime from SUN MICROSYSTEMS, or even better ... downgrade your OS, or much better try a real OS.

UPDATE: Now the best option for XP Users is to download SP2 from M$


JavaTetris Hi score

best 100 players


ace - 236

jaforg - 225

jaforg - 220

Payner - 218

jaforg - 203

kip - 201

jaforg - 199

lefs - 199

Payner - 197

jaforg - 193

kip - 183

Alefia - 182

Sabine - 182

kip - 181

jaforg - 178

sabine - 175

Sabine - 174

msk01 - 174

sandy - 171

lefs - 169

jaforg - 166

lefs - 166

kip - 166

Alefia - 165

jaforg - 164

jaforg - 163

Alefia - 159

kip - 157

jaforg - 156

jocke - 154

hun - 154

jaforg - 153

lefs - 153

jocke - 151

jaforg - 151

Leesh - 149

Alefia - 145

jocke - 145

jocke - 143

bill - 143

lefs - 143

jaforg - 142

Matt - 141

Alefia - 141

kip - 141

jocke - 140

jaforg - 140

jocke - 137

shorty - 136

robster - 136

jocke - 135

Francine - 135

Unknown - 135

JoSIE - 135

Alefia - 133

jaforg - 133

jaforg - 132

lefs - 132

jocke - 130

jaforg - 130

Alefia - 130

lefs - 130

steffi - 129

jaforg - 128

Alefia - 128

Tuli - 127

Alefia - 126

jaforg - 126

jocke - 126

ben - 126

flo - 125

yessuka - 124

lucio - 124

Alefia - 122

Biggi - 122

ash - 121

Alefia - 121

jaforg - 121

Angel - 121

lefs - 121

jaforg - 120

caYen - 120

Unknown - 119

Alefia - 119

Matt - 118

Alefia - 118

jocke - 118

lefs - 117

Tuli - 117

Alefia - 116

Unknown - 116

ashley - 116

jocke - 115

lefs - 115

robster - 115

Alefia - 114

jaforg - 114

Unknown - 113

ace - 113

Alefia - 113


History of Tetris

The game Tetris is one of the best sold games, with over 40 million copies worldwide.

But the developer Alexej Padschitnow didn't got much profit form that fact, because the rights were in possession of an russian institute.

At the moment he is living in USA, happy that he got his rights on the game back.

The idea to this game came to Padschitnow while he was working in the soviet science academy on solutions for voice recognition.

Tetris earned worldwide fame, when Nintendo decided to include it in every Gameboy. It also came with Microsoft Windows 3.1.



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