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Diving on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a great place to try diving, get certified or sample some of its great reefs on half or one day dive trips.

If you have never dived before there are many options available. Discover Scuba Diving gets you straight in the water with an instructor and can take as little as half a day. Then you can choose to gain full certification by taking the Open Water Diver course.

Koh Phangan also has lovely sites around the island which are perfect for both beginners and trained divers.

From easy dives off the beach to longer dive trips by boat, you can experience the world of tropical diving. This year, we have already seen some big fish such as groupers, schools of adult barracuda and some small harmless sharks.

Local dive operators can offer introductory (experience) dives, beginners courses (usually 4 days) and further training through advanced up to professional level. Many of Koh Phangan's sites are well suited to training purposes with colorful fish and also smooth, sandy bottoms for painless and environmentally friendly learning.

The operators will offer you a choice of different options for completing the course – locations, boats and even islands. The course takes only four days and will give you an international PADI diving license with which you can go diving all over the world.


For the certified diver, you will find the operators on Phangan offering a choice between trips to the National Marine Park, Sail Rock and Koh Tao. These are day trips with travel times between one and three hours by boat.


The National Marine Park is a beautiful archipelago, with the best diving and clearest waters offered by the islands to the far north called Koh Wao and Hin Nippon Yai and Lek.


Further north, Sail Rock is the best-known site in the Gulf, offering a wall dive on the rock.Shaped like an iceberg, Sail Rock emerges from a sandy bottom at 40 metes to tower 15 meters above the oceans surface. Located in the mid way between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, it provides large schools of pelagic's, steep walls, rugged rock formations and an unique 'vertical chimney' swim through. The swim through, on the northwest side starts from 18 meters down and exits at 6 meters where the natural light penetrating at the top makes it fantastically picturesque.

(Our customers receive help/support/assistance throughout their stay. The fee shown on our invoice is guaranteed , there are no ‘hidden extras' to spoil your fun).


Koh Phangan Dive Sites

  • Koh Maa

  • Haad Salad

  • Kong Nui

  • Kong Yai (Rock Point)

  • Haad Chao Phao

Dive Sites near Phangan Island

  • Marine Park
    Ang Thong National Park is a beautiful archipelago, with the best diving and clearest waters offered by the islands to the far north called Koh Wao and Hin Nippon Yai and Lek.

  • Sail Rock
    known as one of the most beautiful divesites in the Gulf of Thailand. Located in the middle of the ocean north of Koh Phangan, this huge granite rock formation comes out of the sea from a depth of 40 m.



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